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Midwinter Dream Eyeshadow Palette


Multi-chrome eyeshadows
Nature-inspired pigment shades

Enchanted Forest Multichrome Full Moon Pressed Eyeshadow Collection

$17.00  $187.00

Midwinter Dream BH X ER Multichrome Moon Dusts


Pink Lemonade Multichrome Pressed Eyeshadow


Spring Pastel Moon Dust Collection

$16.00  $112.00

Summer Fantasy REIGNbow Collection- Multichrome Moon Dusts


Cosmic Dreamer Full Moon Pressed Eyeshadow Collection

$12.00  $184.00

multichrome gel eyeshadow

Gaia Opal Multichrome Moon Dust


Create a sheer and sparkly look with our Opal Multi-Chrome Pigments.

Ethereal Opal Multichrome Moon Dust


Cosmic Dreamer Eyeshadow Palette


Multi-chrome loose pigment eyeshadows
Molten Liquid Eyeshadows

Enchanted Forest Multichrome Molten Liquid Eyeshadow Collection

$22.22  $155.55

Multichrome Moon Dust Collection
Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest Multichrome Moon Dust Collection

$16.00  $176.00

Holy Shift Aura Multi-Chrome Moon Dust


Spring Pastel Reign or Shine Gloss Collection

$16.00  $126.00

Spring Pastel Molten Liquid Shadow Collection

$22.22  $155.55

Spring Pastel Forever Reign Lip Color Collection

$16.00  $126.00

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