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Q: Where are Ensley Reign Cosmetics products made? 

A: At Ensley Reign Cosmetics, we pride ourselves on the unique and high-quality production of our eyeshadow palettes and other cosmetic products. Our eyeshadow palettes are meticulously crafted by a specialized third-party manufacturer located in Shenzhen. This state-of-the-art facility adheres to the highest industry standards, boasting certifications such as ISO 22716, ISO 9001, and GMP.

While we collaborate closely with our manufacturer to create exclusive eyeshadow formulas specific to Ensley Reign Cosmetics, the large-scale production of our palettes is currently beyond our in-house capabilities. However, we are deeply involved in the formulation process, ensuring that each palette reflects our brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

We take great pride in handpressing and creating our single eyeshadows and the majority of our other products in-house. Our dedicated team meticulously crafts these products, ensuring each item meets our stringent quality and creativity standards. We are continually striving to expand our in-house production capabilities, with a goal to eventually bring the entire manufacturing process of our eyeshadow palettes under our direct control. This commitment to growth and quality is a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with the best possible products.


Q: Can you tell me more about how your hand pressed eyeshadows are made?

Our single hand-pressed eyeshadows are lovingly handcrafted right here in Oregon. Unlike mass-produced options, we don't use commercial machines for pressing our single eyeshadows. This means you might notice some natural variations in weight, print patterns, pressing, and labeling - all part of the charm of handmade products! Each single eyeshadow pan is guaranteed to contain at least 1.25-1.85g of our unique eyeshadow formula. Note that this weight doesn't include the pan itself, which weighs between 1.55 - 1.66g.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of pigments we use, ranging from light, fluffy textures to denser compositions with various micron sizes. Our eyeshadows are sold by weight, not volume, to ensure you receive the same value in every purchase. While we strive for consistency in appearance across our products, slight variations are expected and contribute to the uniqueness of each item as part of a handmade brand.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Any concern regarding damaged or defective products must be submitted within two (2) days of your order marked as delivered by the postal service via tracking information. Requests should be sent via email ONLY to to ensure proper receipt of your complaint. We reserve the right to request pictures and or videos to assess the nature of the request. 

We will only accept returns on unopened, undamaged, unused products you ordered. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for returned merchandise and return shipping fees are non refundable. We will issue a store credit to your account with us and that store credit will not expire and can be used anytime. Once the items are returned back to us, we will then issue the store credit on your account. 


Q: When will I receive my pre-ordered products from Ensley Reign Cosmetics?

A: We understand your excitement in receiving your pre-ordered items from Ensley Reign Cosmetics, and we are just as eager to get them to you! For each of our products available for pre-order, we provide an anticipated begin shipping date on the individual product listing. This date is an estimate of when we aim to start processing pre-orders.

Please note that the anticipated begin shipping date is not the exact date your order will be processed, but rather the time we start handling all pre-orders. Due to the meticulous attention we give to each product, we kindly request your patience and allow us up to 12 business days, excluding weekends and holidays, for the processing of your pre-order from the begin shipping date.

We are committed to ensuring the quality and timely delivery of your purchase. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated as we work to bring you our top-quality products.

Q: How long will it take for my international order to arrive?

Due to our remote location, we face unique shipping challenges that may affect the delivery of your order. We currently do not have direct service from DHL in our region. Consequently, all orders shipped via DHL are initially handled by USPS before being transferred to DHL for final delivery.

Please note the following important points regarding the shipment and tracking of your order:

1. Shipping Process: When you select DHL as your shipping option, your package will first be sent to USPS and then handed over to DHL. This process is necessary due to the absence of a local DHL delivery service in our area.

2. Tracking Information: Tracking information will not be available immediately after the shipping label is created. There will be an approximate delay of 7-10 business days before tracking information appears online. Tracking updates will only become available once DHL has officially received the package from USPS.

3. Transit Time: Please be aware that regardless of whether the express shipping option is chosen, there will be an additional transit time of 7-10 days due to the handoff process between USPS and DHL. This additional time is necessary to ensure that your package reaches DHL and is processed for final delivery.

We understand that timely delivery is important, and we are committed to improving our logistics to serve you better. However, under the current circumstances, these delays are unavoidable. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to find ways to optimize our shipping processes.

For any questions or further information regarding your order’s shipping and delivery, please contact our customer support team at


Q: How long is your processing time?

Our current processing times are listed on the product page. Generally, processing takes between 2 and 10 business days. However, during sales, new product launches, inclement weather, holidays, and pandemics, processing times may vary and could take longer.

Q: What do I do if I have an allergic reaction to your makeup?

Please carefully read the ingredients list prior to purchase to ensure the item you are buying does not contain any ingredients to which you are allergic. We do not offer refunds on color cosmetics, and all sales of these items are final.

Q: What if the color I ordered looks different than online or doesn't match the color description on your website?

Different monitors may also reflect colors differently. Variations in screen resolutions, brightness, and device settings can cause the colors you see online to  differ slightly from the actual product once in hand. We do not offer refunds for color variations due to screen differences. We strive to provide accurate swatches from multiple sources to depict the true color of our items. Additionally, many creators provide content with their own swatches of our products, which can be found on our website and social media.

Our descriptions of eyeshadows are based on our individual perception of colors and products. As opinions are subjective, you may notice a slight difference in color or shade from what we describe. 

Q: Forgot to enter a coupon code, what do I do?

Please ensure you have correctly entered and applied your discount code before finalizing your order, as we cannot adjust or alter discount codes after checkout. Orders placed without a discount code are the responsibility of the customer and cannot be adjusted or refunded.




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