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About Us

We specialize in creating multichromatic, sparkling makeup that captures the imagination and adorns the skin with otherworldly beauty. We’re committed to crafting experiences that foster confidence, beauty, and creativity, with each product promising a journey into the extraordinary.

 Our story ignited in 2021, woven from the dreams and lifelong passion for the sparkle and splendor of luxury makeup. The aspiration to create a brand that transcends the everyday into a realm of fantastical beauty is beautifully reflected in the brand that bears the names of the fonder's children, Ensley and Ember Reign.Emerging from a desire to move away from the impersonal ethos of MLM models, Ensley Reign Cosmetics was founded on the principles of authenticity, individuality, and ethical beauty. As a young child enchanted by the dazzling world of beauty products, our founder envisioned a future where makeup is not just an accessory, but a gateway to self-expression and confidence.

Our brand is for the dreamers, the creators, and the believers who see their face as a canvas for creativity. We believe in empowering our customers to feel confident, beautiful, and creative. With every shimmering shade and lustrous hue, we invite you to unlock your inner artist and reign over your own unique style.As we continue to paint our path in the industry ,our vision is clear—Ensley Reign Cosmetics will continue to innovate, inspire, and ignite the spark of fantasy in the beauty world. Embrace the creativity that dances at the edge of your fingertips with Ensley Reign Cosmetics, as we redefine the landscape of luxury makeup.


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We aspire to awaken each individual's inherent beauty, and bringing happiness to every customer.